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Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
row graham. >> the new beige book does not contain any major revelations on the u.s. economy but it could bolster the view that the economy is gaining traction and could affect policymakers decisions on whether or not to scale back their asset purchases. from the fed's 12 districts, early october to mid november, that includes the 16-day government shutdown. economic activity continued to expand at a modest to moderate pace. manufacturing activity continues to expand in most districts. reports on retail spending were deeper into the beige book, seven out of 12 strips reported modest growth. tourism is affected in some districts. on manufacturing, the report says it continues to expanded most districts with gains noted in motor vehicle and technology industries. many expressed optimism about near-term growth prospects. there is also an upbeat assessment of consumer spending. looking forward to the holiday season, retailers reported being hopeful and cautious. they were reported as moderate to strong. on the key question, what is going on in the labor market? the beige book reports hi
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
, everyone. i'm tom keene. scarlet fu and alix steel with me. josh rosner is here from graham fisher and his acclaimed book "reckless endangerment." times amid crisis, the venerable wall street firm, they were the bull in the china shop. the son of the man who actually implemented charlie merrill's vision. five years on from the take out of merrill lynch by bank of america. book,ith, his fabulous "lightning in a bottle." there's passive investment in active investment. page 104, they had to train the damn bull to go through the china shop? >> they got props, then got him to go through a real china shop and it was that the list. >> the image about the delicacy needed in markets. today we have wealth management. boring. but not sound like your father or charlie merrill. this becomedoes after the energy of ef hutton and merrill lynch and others? >> i think they are calling it ever names but it really is the same thing. the first principle is you have to focus on the needs of the client and do what is right for the client and have integrity. >> integrity is a two percent fee. john from rbc capit
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
graham for 50 years. many people do not realize the big stainless steel piece in rockefeller center, which is in the building, he did that as a young guy on commission. he did the red cubes on wall street, on broadway. course, thatbe, of lies on its point on one of the corners. the combination of the foundation with the museum, but also bringing added responsibilities in terms of the kinds of programs that you put on. give us an idea of what you are doing for young people and also outside of new york. >> we have a cousin museum in japan, which is where his studio was. the works there are owned by an art museum here. we have an interesting symbiotic veryionship and international in scope. we are not just local by any means. noguchi was the only artist in the united states to found a museum during their lifetime dedicated to his own work. programs forful little kids, young citizens, art s, which is great for families when they come on saturday mornings and they need to do something with a child and it is early and they come to our museum saturdays and sundays. we also have a lot of fa
Dec 5, 2013 3:00pm EST
western union, money graham and euro nex. i said what if bitcoin becomes a major player. that gives me another $5 billion. >> theoretically that is something we should see happen. it is very expensive to send money and there is a lot of time and process involved. here you can transfer money on line to a relative in another country seamlessly. >> exactly. say if you are a mexican construction worker in this country, and you want to send money home. you want to send it cheaply, and you may not have a bank account. for means of transfer, there is something to be said about bitcoin as a future. >> ok. >> the third a piece, the most interesting piece is bitcoin as a store value. how do you think of that? i think gold is a good example. gold has three things in come with bitcoin. it has a fixed split. bitcoin has a relatively fixed supply. two, it doesn't pay any interest interest, and three it is relatively anonymous. ight now bitcoin has a volatility about five times more than gold. for gold, it was about $1.3 trillion. you divide it by five and you get $300 billion. it took a long time
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4